Marijuana And The Snowball-It's Rolling And It's Growing

June 12, 2017


As The World Turns, So Does The Marijuana Snowball

The Marijuana Industry Is Getting Bigger And Bigger Everyday!


The Marijuana Snowball is rolling and getting bigger. The momentum is increasing as well. Anyone that has been keeping up with what is going on in the U.S. is well aware of how far the Marijuana Movement has come.


More than half of the U.S. states are now legalizing medical, or recreational marijuana. While collecting millions of tax dollars a month on marijuana sales.


It is only a matter of time before the government ends marijuana prohibition.


Although you are still not hearing much about this in the Main Stream Media. The marijuana snowball is rolling and growing not only in size but also in popularity.


The topic of Marijuana Legalization is also talked about more and more. Social media is being flooded with marijuana topics.


For the first time ever, "The Majority Of The People In The U.S. Agree That Marijuana Should Be Legal".

This Gallup pole also discovered that 58% of the people back Marijuana use


But what does all of this really mean?

It means that over half of the states have some form of marijuana laws. Legalizing marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes.


With, over 60% (as of 2017) of the population agreeing that marijuana should be legal. There is hope in sight that Marijuana Prohibition will come to an end soon.


When this happens, each of the states will decide on how they will handle this new found freedom. It might be that your state will legalize it. Whereas the state would tax it and regulate it like alcohol and cigarettes.


People 21 years old and older, will have the opportunity to buy marijuana. They will be able to buy it as a medicine or for recreational reasons.


Is it possible that your state won't legalize it at all and nothing will change?


It could happen, but it is also possible that after the "Dry" states see all the benefits from marijuana. They will be quick to have marijuana legalized in their state too.


This may be exactly why so many states are starting to legalize marijuana now... The Marijuana Snowball is rolling and growing.


If your state does make marijuana legal. Each person in that state will have the opportunity to smoke marijuana. Whether for medicinal and/or recreational purposes.


They also will have no dark cloud of the federal government hanging over their head anymore. 


If you are lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, there is a chance that you will be allowed to grow your own marijuana(possibly only a few plants) for personal consumption.


As the marijuana snowball rolls bigger and there is no longer federal laws to worry about. More states will see the medicinal benefits of marijuana.


With the income opportunities that the marijuana movement is bringing in. The legalizing of marijuana will continue across the nation.


I would like to see marijuana legalized across all fifty states.


Ending marijuana prohibition would allow everyone to enjoy medical marijuana's benefits. With something that actually fixes their ailment, instead of covering up their symptoms.

What is the marijuana snowball's biggest obstacles?


The biggest obstacles of the snowball is not the government. It's the lobbying "Big Pharma" corporations, the "Alcohol Industry" and "Conditioning".


Both of these industries will lose big money if prohibition is ended so they fight to keep cannabis illegal, spending big money in order to keep from losing even bigger money...


People can say that marijuana is staying illegal for many reasons.

Either public health, public safety, it's a evil drug that will make your Mexican buddy go rape white woman. The list goes on and on, but the real evil drug is money.


When you're a big industry like the ones mentioned above. If you line the pockets of the right people in the right political positions.


Then you can keep marijuana illegal and keep covering up the symptoms.


You keep making the money as long as you keep lining the pockets.


Why would Big Pharma try to keep marijuana illegal if it's medicine?


Because people are starting to wake up. They are realizing that marijuana is not only helping people's symptoms. But in some cases it's actually helping to cure their illness.


Well isn't that what Big Pharma would want?


No because there is not enough money in curing someone. The big money is in repeat business (everyone knows that). If the doctor gives you some pain medicine it's going to make you feel better for awhile. But when it wears off and you run out, then you will be back for more.


If you can grow your own marijuana and use it for 30 days and it fixes your joint pain for good. Then Big Pharma is not only out of the repeat business money, but they didn't even get to sell you the marijuana in the first place.


What about the Alcohol Industry?

Well this one is pretty simple... Competition?


The major players in the alcohol industry understands that when marijuana prohibition ends. Their sales are going to drop. They could lose a little money or it could be a lot.


They also can't afford to be in competition with the next best thing.


Again, like Big Pharma, spending big money to save from losing even bigger money.


Okay, What about this Marijuana Conditioning you mentioned?


Okay you got me, Conditioning may not be the right word for this but it is the one I am using. Another good way of saying it is"Training of Thought".


Since the mid 1920's (even before the Marijuana Tax Act) until today. People thought that marijuana was a dangerous drug that will make a person go crazy and do crazy stuff. Like your "Mexican buddy raping white women".


Before I go any farther let me make this clear. I have used this example of a Mexican raping a white women twice. I like the Mexican people and have several Amiga's and Amigos.


The reason I used this example is because that was the type of propaganda that the public was hearing. This type of propaganda came from the "Main Stream Media" back in the mid 20's to mid 30's.


People were being "Conditioned" to think that marijuana was a bad and dangerous drug. This was an attempt to criminalize Mexicans that had immigrated.


The southern states is where these Mexicans immigrated after the Mexican revolution. Marijuana (cannabis) was not an American thing, but it was actually a part of the Mexican culture


Your grandparents got lied to about marijuana and it's effects on people back then.


Your parents got lied to also back in the 50's and 60's and not only have you got lied to about it now in the year of 2017.


Your parents (knowing no better) is now conditioning you.


But there is hope.

As people are waking up and finding out for themselves that this evil drug is not so evil. It's only a good medicine that also helps people cope with today's anxiety and stress.


Also a great biodegradable cash crop for paper, plastics and many other items.


Anyway, to sum it up.


The Marijuana Snowball is still rolling and growing and if all goes well. We will have an end to marijuana prohibition soon.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this enough to share with friends.



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