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Did you know that more than half of the states have adopted medical marijuana laws and 5 of these states have legalized recreational marijuana.


Is Marijuana legal in your state?


Where does your state stand on Marijuana laws?

Will you spend time in jail if you're caught possessing Marijuana or will you just get a citation?

Read on to find out what the laws on marijuana are in your state and what you can do to change them.

Why would you want to get Marijuana legalized in your state?


Here is a quick list of reasons why it may be a good idea to legalize Marijuana.


  1. Marijuana is not an evil drug like many people believe it is. Marijuana is actually a great medicine that's suppressed by the big pharmaceutical companies. Since they can't own the patents on Marijuana, they can't make money from it and they don't want to have to compete with it.

  2. Tax revenue from the sale of Marijuana could benefit your state and local community. Taxes from marijuana can help get our homeless veterans off the streets and much, much more.

  3. It is your right, and the government should have never made marijuana illegal to begin with.

  4. You can find 6 more reasons to make marijuana legal on the video page of this website.

  5. Because there is some little boy or girl out there with a disease that needs the medicine in marijuana. They can't speak up, they need you to do it for them. Please watch the videos on this website and see if you think these "Angels" need your help.


These are only a few of the many reasons why marijuana should be legal.


But what can I do that will make a difference?

 Tweet This:"If you count a million votes, you'll always start with one." 

"You have more power than you think"


How are we going to make Marijuana legal?


By doing exactly what "parts" of the government does not want us doing.


We will contact the representative of our area.


We will voice our opinions on marijuana laws to our representative and ask them to vote likewise. (Link Provided Below)


We will help educate other people on the medical benefits of marijuana and how we got lied to about it in the mid 20's.


We will be patient and understanding of our representatives.


If our representatives do not listen to the voice that votes them in, then we will vote them out.


The lawmakers will be working hard on the details to make sure this is a safe transition. (safety is top priority)


When our state has legalized marijuana, we will obey the marijuana laws for our state.


We will respect the non-users of marijuana.


When Marijuana Prohibition has ended by the government, we will heal our sick, raise our quality of life and... Throw a party.



Before any party, before the quality life gets any better, before we can heal our children, our Vets, or anyone. We have to contact our representative and make our voice heard.


Here is how easy it will be to do your part to end marijuana prohibition.

With enough voices, the government will end marijuana prohibition and the states that have not already done so, will make it legal.

  1. Click the "Find My Representative" Button.

  2. Type in your Zip Code into the search box that is on the Governments webpage.

  3. Click Search

  4. The representative for your area will appear on the page along with email, phone# and mail address.

  5. Choose whichever way you want to contact them.

  6. Let them now that you wish for them to vote in favor of any medical and/or recreational marijuana laws that come up.


Want To Change The Marijuana Laws?

Do You Know What Your State's Marijuana Laws Are?

How To Get Marijuana Legalized In Your State

Don't Like The Marijuana Laws In Your State? You Can Change Them.

This Is How We Will Make Marijuana Legal

"Although most of us are not politicians, we will make Marijuana Legal by using politics." Hutch- 
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