Marijuana Prohibition was actually formed over many years and here is how it started.


Marijuana's original name is Cannabis,  it's slang name is Marijuana which was created to sound more Mexican and give it a more evil sound... more about this in the Prohibition video below.   


In the beginning God created Cannabis. Many men and women enjoyed Marijuana and Hemp for many different reasons.


Some enjoyed it for the "High", while others enjoyed it for the "Medicine". Some people even enjoyed it for the fact that it is a good "Cash Crop" for creating items such as paper, plastics, etc.) .


Different people had their own reasons for liking Marijuana and Hemp.


Hemp was popular back in the early days of America, for making rope, clothes and even medicine.


George Washington had his on reasons why he liked hemp and grew hemp.


Yes, even one of our founding fathers and the first president of the United States grew hemp at Mount Vernon.

According to wikipedia, "in 1841 William Brooke O'Shaughnessy returned from India To England. This is where he introduced cannabis indica to Western medicine".


Approximately 10 years later in the 1850's. American pharmacies were dispensing Cannabis medicine for a variety of ailments. ​


In an attempt to regulate medicine in the early years. The creation of new laws began for each state on the proper labeling of medicines. The reasoning was to rid the use of unknown narcotics.


In a few of the states, some of the "unknown narcotic" medicines had to have "Poison" printed on the label somewhere. You could only receive some of them if you had a prescription.​


Although several states did not consider cannabis a "poison". They still required the word "Poison" to be on the label.​


This is where Marijuana stood up to around 1906. There were also many new laws and government departments created from 1906 on. These new laws and departments served to help keep these "Poisons" away from the public.

The 1937 "Marijuana Tax Act". This was the new federal law that prohibits the possession or sale of marijuana. This law makes marijuana illegal on the federal level (thus, Marijuana Prohibition begins).​


Although medical marijuana and industrial hemp was legal.

As long as you had a special stamp and paid the "excise tax" that's imposed on all Hemp sales. You could buy Hemp and Medical Marijuana. But marijuana itself became illegal by the Marijuana Tax Act bill.​


Since 1937 until now, when Marijuana Prohibition first began. There have been many laws and Government departments created.

In effort to keep this "poison" called Marijuana out of the hands of the public.

So When Will Marijuana Prohibition End?

Marijuana carries the label of a schedule 1 drug.

This means that it has no medicinal properties according to the U.S. government.

So why does the government hold the patent #6,630,507.


Patent#6 ,630,507 According to online sources.

"Covers the potential use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids".

The chemical compounds discovered within the cannabis plant may help protect the brain.

Damage or degeneration caused by certain diseases, such as cirrhosis could be minimal. ​


Why would the government be holding this patent if there are no medicinal properties?


Why does the government classify it as a schedule 1 drug if it does have medicinal properties?​​


Could it be that the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing?​


I think that both of the governments hands know exactly what they are doing... But that is another post completely.


When will we see an end to Marijuana Prohibition?


With the number of states that are legalizing Marijuana in one form or another.

My guess is that the prohibition against marijuana will end sooner rather than later.

(it could be within the next year or two).

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A Marijuana Prohibition History Lesson Video 

Quoted From Wikipedia:


"The LaGuardia Committee was the first in-depth study into the effects of smoking marijuana in the United States. An earlier study, the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, was conducted by the colonial authorities in British India in 1893-94. The reports systematically contradicted claims made by the U.S. Treasury Department that smoking marijuana results in insanity, deteriorates physical and mental health, assists in criminal behavior and juvenile delinquency, is physically addictive, and is a "gateway" drug to more dangerous drugs."

Read The Whole Story Here: The La Guardia Committee


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