As I stated in another blog post. More and more people are coming out of the marijuana closet.


They are voicing their opinions on marijuana use and on marijuana prohibition.


Want to voice your opinion about marijuana?


This is the one place where you can let people know how you feel about marijuana and what you think about it.​


Be heard and let your voice make a difference.​


Take time to leave a comment and come back later to see if a discussion about it has started. It only takes a minute and it could get very interesting.​


Take time to share so your friends and other people will have a chance to comment too.​


Remember, you can leave your comment on this page only, or you can select to share your comment on Facebook too.

Why Do I have these feelings about Marijuana?


Well, we all have our own Marijuana Opinions.


These opinions we have about marijuana came from what we have heard about Marijuana as a child.


For the last eighty years (since 1937 when the Marijuana Tax Act became initiated). Due to propaganda stories and the MSM. The majority of people believed that marijuana was a very dangerous drug. This dangerous drug would turn whoever smoked it into a crazy drug fiend.

And as we all know, drug fiends will do all types of terrible and crazy things.​


Now, this might make you think that only people(that lived back in the late 30's, 40's and 50's) would be against marijuana. But this is not the case. While most people at that time believed the propaganda and the fake news that came out about this evil drug.


There were still many people that were trying it out for themselves and learning that it was not an evil drug.


This is in part how we got mixed opinions about marijuana coming from young and old people.


While many older people are still hesitant to change their opinion about marijuana. Many of these older folks are starting to change their view on marijuana. They are now learning about the many medical benefits of marijuana. ​


With several states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana by popular vote. It only goes to show that the majority of people's opinion's are changing.


More and more people are getting educated about marijuana and it's effects.

Many older people are set in their ways about marijuana.

Most of the people opposed to smoking cannabis would not even consider trying it.


For the majority of people that do try marijuana. A whole new way of looking at Marijuana Prohibition arises.


My thoughts are that almost everybody that tries marijuana will enjoy it. If they are open-minded enough to try it.

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