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Governor Of New Hampshire To Sign Decriminalization Bill

June 1, 2017


The Final State in New England To Decriminalize Marijuana:

New Hampshire is the last state in New England to decriminalize marijuana.


According to online news sources. New Hampshire's House of Representatives voted Thursday to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. Republican Governor Chris Sununu will be signing the bill.


The House approved that catching adults with an ounce or less, would be a misdemeanor offence. While catching adults with more than an ounce would be a violation-level offence.


The Senate changed that to three-quarters of an ounce and the House agreed.


The bill would reduce the penalty. Getting caught with up to three-quarters of an ounce from a misdemeanor to a violation. But would also carry a $100.00 fine for the first 3 offenses. After that it would become a misdemeanor with a chance of larger fines.


The bill will also help young people by not ruining their lives when they are caught with marijuana.


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Send Questions Or Comments To:

Carrollton, Ky.

Send Questions Or Comments To:

Carrollton, Ky.

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