Marijuana Prohibition Ending By 2018?

May 25, 2017

Is it possible that Marijuana Prohibition will end by 2018?


There is not a simple answer to this question, but there is hope...there is always hope.


With the number of states that have recently legalized or decriminalized marijuana use. While still many other states legalizing medical marijuana. It looks as though we're headed in the right direction.


While over 60% of the U.S. population is agreeing. Medical and/or recreational marijuana should be legal. It's safe to say that it should be legal already.


Will the Government Have to end Marijuana prohibition?


No, but with the economy heading on it's current path and states needing funding. It's possible that putting an end to Marijuana prohibition, may be what the government needs to do. Doing this may turn this country back around and start helping the economy grow again.


After all, that is a big reason or it could be the only reason some of the states that have legalized marijuana did so. Sure, there are a lot medicinal purposes with Marijuana. But it could be that most of the states did it for the revenue it created. Money talks.


Not only is the tax revenue a big factor, but many of these local politicians will be going up for re-election one day. They also want to be on the same page as the majority when that day comes.


The way I see it, when enough of these states start legalizing marijuana. The government gets big pharma and the alcohol industry on the marijuana payroll. You won't be able to stop the government from ending Marijuana Prohibition.


So, will Marijuana Prohibition end in 2017?


It might, if not, I can't see us going into 2019 with a war against a plant.


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Thanks, Hutch-


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