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Marijuana - Making America Great...Again.

May 17, 2017



Welcome to The Marijuana Post ,


As Donald Trump has had over 100 days in office now, I think its time he lives up to his campaign promise of "Make America Great Again".


During his campaign, he announced that he would allow each state to decide how to handle their own laws to legalize marijuana and the government would not interfere.


Although he did sign the omnibus spending bill which provides protection to the legal marijuana states by not providing funding for the Justice Department (including the DEA) to be able to conduct raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and legal marijuana growers, in contrast, he also appointed Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General.


Jeff Sessions is the person that compared Marijuana with Heroin, now I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm smart enough to know that these two cannot be compared, even though they are both classified by the government as drugs, you cant compare them unless you have tried them, and if you haven't tried them and are trying to compare them then you don't/won't know what you are talking about...I'm sure Jeff Sessions has not tried Marijuana or Heroin. 


If Donald Trump really wants to "Make America Great Again" I think he should seriously consider ending prohibition on Marijuana, let the scientists and doctors do their thing to find the best medicines hidden inside this plant, make recreational Marijuana legal in all fifty states so that the majority of people that want to partake are able to do so without fearing repercussions from the federal or state governments ... and always remember, that the majority mentioned are the same ones that helped you make it to the White House.


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Send Questions Or Comments To:

Carrollton, Ky.

Send Questions Or Comments To:

Carrollton, Ky.

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